Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire

Most Americans have dreams of winning the lottery or pray that a long lost relative will one day pass away and leave behind a huge inheritance. Of course these circumstances are rare and a very high percentage of people that fortune does smile upon lose the money in a flash. The 3 steps to becoming a millionaire are listed below.

1. Find a millionaire mentor

All consistent millionaires went through a learning process in order to make and keep the millions made. Being wealthy sounds easy and stress less but the truth is that the more money a person makes increases the pressure and responsibilities a man or woman has to take on. Most mentor millionaires will tell you that a large percentage of the millionaire clientele has went through at least 1 or more bankruptcies. Find a mentor to the millionaires that you can latch on to in order to avoid the early business entrepreneurialism mistakes.

2. Prepare for a marathon

Many millionaires have made money in a very short period of time. A mistake made when this happens is that the money was made so easily that it becomes relied and/or depended upon. This is an early rookie assumption that has destroyed the character of many hard working individuals that hold very high integrity. It takes years to rebuild perceived integrity once an entrepreneur cannot make a payment on time or even worse teeters bankruptcy. Many great men and women of the business world experience the millionaire down fall. So if one is willing to be serious about learning how to make and keep money then it is dire to prepare for a marathon... not a sprint. Making a reliable income takes planning, time and experience in order to be successful

3. Bank like the wealthy

A popular saying among the wealthy is that it is not always how much is earned but the real wealth lies within how much is kept. Millionaire mentors witness that the most prestigious business entrepreneurs that hold the highest numbers in the bank account understands banking strategies. Wealthy individuals utilize banking strategies that are available for personal use.

So, if becoming a millionaire is a dream and one is willing to commit to this dream it is important to find a mentor to millionaires, prepare for a long planned out journey, and learn to bank like the wealthy. Follow these three rules and one will be on the journey to success in a guaranteed manner.


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